Wholesale Terms

No minimum order required.

Drop Ship
Any item shipped directly to the customer will incur a 10% drop shipping fee.

Payment for orders can be made by wire transfer or credit cards. Payment will be processed at the time of shipment. A valid credit card number must be on file at least three weeks prior to the estimated shipment date in order for the order to be processed.

Any canceled order is subject to a 50% cancellation fee to be paid within fifteen days of cancellation. Shipment dates that have been pushed back by the buyer 60 days or more from the original estimated shipment date will be treated as canceled orders and be subject to the 50% cancellation fee. Unpaid fees will be submitted to a collection agency after 90 days. The amount due will include all legal and agency fees.

All domestic orders ship via FedEx Ground unless alternative prior arrangements have been made. Shipping is charged via a flat fee based on dollar value of the order. All items ship from California, USA.

Returns and Exchanges
Returns may be made on damaged merchandise within 14 days of arrival of the order. Return requests must be submitted in writing. Exchanges may be made on merchandise that is excellent condition within one year of purchase. Exchanges will be subject to a 5% restocking fee and applied to the balance of the next orders. Exchanged merchandise may total no more than 50% of the next order.

Buyer agrees to keep all wholesale pricing, terms and conditions confidential. Wholesale pricing, terms and conditions should not be published or discussed with other parties by the buyer under any circumstance.